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BLOWOUT (Avon Books, 1995) is a story of offshore oil exploration that focuses on a deepwater oil well disaster that is eerily similar to BP’s Gulf of Mexico Deepwater Horizon blowout and oil spill.

Seattle-based oilman Zackary Scott is in the offshore oil exploration business. After a horrendous explosion aboard Zack's flagship drilling rig sends the vessel to the bottom, he becomes entangled with a foreign industrialist over the discovery of an "Elephant" oilfield in the North Pacific Ocean. The two men then become adversaries, locked in mortal combat. Their honor, personal fortunes and the lives of their individual families are all at stake.

The principal settings for BLOWOUT are the Pacific Northwest, Hawaii, Japan and the Kuril Island chain offshore of Russia's Pacific coast. The story includes extensive scenes aboard offshore drilling rigs, underwater oil exploration vehicles and a U.S. Navy fast-attack submarine.